M.E. Myths
Oh yes how many times have I read and heard this one. Frankly if that's what you think there's no point in you bothering to look at any more of this site. On the other hand stick around and get educated you moron. You never know you might learn something.
People with M.E. are just lazy.
While this may be true in some cases it is not the main problem for the majority of people who have M.E. Yes we get tired very easily and without any effort, and we may go off to bed for a few hours. But think of it, if you are ill do you not do the same? If many other people who have M.E. are like myself they probably wish that this was the worst of their problems.
M.E. is all in the mind.
The one thing to anger a person with M.E. the most. A real bone of contention amongst many "sufferers" their partners and family.
We are not being ill for the hell of it. We are not confined to bed for the hell of it. We are not getting dizzy and falling down for the hell of it.
We are not in great pain for the hell of it. We don't get depressed for the hell of it. I could go on here but I think you may be getting the picture.
If you have M.E. you feel tired and sleep all the time.
You only get M.E. after having the flu.
No afraid not, M.E. is not really at all fussy about how you get it. True you are most likely to get it after some sort of illness but this does not have to be the flu. One of the theories is that it is a viral thing just waiting to be triggered by some sort of illness. Note this is at this time just a theory.
M.E. is the ideal hypochondriacs illness as it cant be detected.
Well that's the problem with M.E. there is no specific test to determine if you have M.E. or not. All the poor Dr can do is make sure it is nothing more sinister or serious and that takes time, up to 6 months in some cases. But I'm sure that the medical profession has it's way of finding out if someone is really ill or faking it. If you lived with, or knew someone really well who has M.E. you would have no doubts about how ill they are.
M.E. is a "sleeping bug"
A term used by a National newspaper who shall remain nameless. But if they can't get it right and misinform people with inane comments like that, it makes it even harder for those of us with M.E. to be taken seriously.
Note to the press. Get someone who knows what they are talking about to do your reports.
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