Around October that year my Dr admitted me into hospital to try and get to the bottom of it all. I was in there for a week getting every possible test under the sun, unsurprisingly they all came back negative. While there I came upon my first Dr who does not believe there is such a thing as M.E. thankfully he was the only one I came across, and I treated him with the contempt he deserved, every other Dr and nurse could not have been more supportive, but at the end of the day I came home with no answers only the reassuring words that "it's nothing fatal". unfortunately on coming home from the hospital my condition again deteriorated.
My Story continued.
It was from that point on, that my wife took control and started to look for more information about M.E. Books from the library, clippings in newspapers, a phone number here, a fact-sheet there, and slowly we began to get information, and found out that I was not alone.
Since then I have still had the same problems, some days are worse than others of course but it is ever present. I have been in hospital three or four times since that first time, again nothing was found and it's just attributed to my M.E. I have had numerous Outpatient appointments, again all coming to nothing, Dentist appointments are frequent as I have had nothing but trouble with my teeth and gums since I have had M.E. But the Dentist is in some way like the Dr's, he can find nothing wrong with either my teeth or gums so again it must be caused by the M.E.
A combination of pills help to keep my condition stable, not for the M.E. but for the sickness, the headaches, the pains, etc.
I rarely get out of the house, not because I don't want to, just the harsh fact that my legs wont carry me any distance, that and the fact that I just don't feel well enough to in the first place. I hope that one day things will improve but until then every day is taken one step at a time.
Over the years to this present date I am sad to report that there is no significant improvement in my condition. In all honesty some days I feel even worse than I ever have, especially on those days that this illness throws everything that I suffer from my way. These days are very difficult, especially as I have not done anything that could have been the cause of things to flare-up. I may have better days occasionally and for that I'm thankfull, but they are few and far between. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day :)

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