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Brainfog (formerly ME Friends) is a place for people with ME / CFS / CFIDS, Fibromyalgia and other related illnesses and their carers to come to meet with people from all around the world, where they will be able to share in their experiences of their illness and to find and give support to others. Also, to share in ideas that might help others, in ways as simple as just getting through the day, to news on medical research etc.
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SupportME (link removed, site not available at this time}
This site has been included not so much for it's content, which is good anyway, but for the fact that it can give hope to others who suffer with M.E./C.F.S as it was established and is run by a recovering sufferer. So hurrah for that as it means that some people do get better which is something we should all aspire to, even if on some days we think that it is never going to happen. There is a glut of information here, an ME/CFS Guide, ME/CFS News and the best part I found was the Library section, where there is a lot of articles to view. The only bit I wasn't keen on was the shop for buying " Nutritional Supplements" which is unnecessary in my opinion.
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