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Cutting edge news, comments, archives and hot topics are all covered at this site. Well worth a look. There is a lot of information to read here so make sure you are not having a brain fogged day. One of those sites that you will find yourself visiting often.
Providing information, support and practical advice for people who are affected by ME/CFS. Far too much information for me to list here, but look out for the "local groups" link it could be your best way to find if there is a local group in your area.
The One Click Group  is a web based Pressure Group for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One Click works to benefit and to deliver the Voice of the ME/CFS community throughout the world, both on the Internet and in the field. Visit the site for all the latest breaking ME/CFS news, information and archive resources.
A guide to neurological ME/ICD-CFS, particularly severe ME/ICD-CFS, includes book reviews, an extremely comprehensive symptom list, a list of tips on how to live with the illness, activism strategies, essays to explain the illness to disbelieving family members and much, much more. NOT just the same inaccurate propaganda you see on most sites!! A really excellent, well designed site. Much too see when you do visit it.
AYME (pronounced aim) is a UK-based independent registered charity dedicated to giving help, friendship, support and vital contact to children and young people with M.E. and it is run by the young members themselves (overseen by their director).
I have been reliably informed that this site has got some great stuff to print out for schools, good message board for the kids and parents etc, so if you are a child with M.E or a parent of a child with M.E. it is a worthwhile site to visit.
AYME Association of Young People with ME
M.E. Support is much more than a web site "it is a friendly, informal 'online community' bringing awareness to chronic fatiguing illnesses". There is so much to read at this site you could be there for a good while. Many articles with answers to many questions that you may have. Well worth a look.
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