On this and the following pages you will find links to M.E. web sites that I have found useful in the past and I hope that they will be of some help to you also. If you know of a web site that you that you have found to have been of some use to you and would like to see included here, please send me the web address and relevant details of site . You can e-mail me by using this link.
M.E. Links
If after evaluation I decide those sites to be of use to people who suffer from M.E. or for those who just want to find out more, the links to them will be included here. While these links appear in no particular order, or in any sort of preference, the exception to this rule is B.R.A.M.E. who this site supports fully, for the work they do in making more people aware of M.E. If you visit only one site from these links below please make it this one.
When this web site was first concieved the websites about M.E./C.F.S. were few and far between. Thankfully these days there are a great number of them, so information is now more easilly available. Some have dissapeared (the nature of the illness I suppose) and others get updated with the latest infomation constantly. There are groups available on Yahoo and Facebook I beleive and all of them dedicated to the illness.  It's hard to believe that even now with all of the information about M.E out there that people are still generally ignorant of it.
B.R.A.M.E. Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of M.E.
The title says it all really, the aim of B.R.A.M.E. is to make people more aware of M.E. And through this site, it does it very well. If you have just been diagnosed as having M.E. go here now. If you know someone who has M.E. go here now. Or if you know absolutely nothing about M.E. go along to this site now. A site I can not praise highly enough, it's nothing flash or fancy it doesn't need to be, but it has all the information you could need. You can also contact B.R.A.M.E. by snail mail, telephone and fax, and they can supply you with your blue ribbon and relevant literature.
Action for ME is a UK based national membership organization. A lot to be found at this site, from the latest news, Action for ME's services, and even a shop where you can purchase factsheets, books and supplements. I'm not too sure about the supplements as I don't believe they help, but everyone has their own opinion about these things and I'm not here to criticize, so take a look for yourself.
This site states that It is thought that 25% of people who have M.E. are severely affected by their illness (a category I place myself). This means being virtually house bound and often bed bound by the effect of the illness, even to the extent that they need 24 hour care. If you recognize yourself or anyone you know from this description go there now.
This is the very first M.E. web site I found, it's official title is M.E. Support in the Midlands. I don't come from the Midlands but at the time I was just glad to find a web site about M.E. and find I was not alone, I still go back every now and then to check it out. Don't worry if you don't come from the Midlands either, it's accessible to everyone. One thing I did like very much at this site is it's coverage of a whole range of issues and reports. Very highly recommended.
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