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This is one of the best M.E/C.F.S books I have read so far. It is easy to read which helps immensely, as with the effect of the old brain fog, some of us struggle with books at times. With comments throughout the book from a selection of sufferers, this book gives an insight into what having M.E./C.F.S is all about.
I would heartily recommend that once you have read this book you pass it on to someone who has no idea what M.E./C.F.S is about but wants to know more. I would also recommend that any skeptic and cynic out there should be forced to read it.
I can't tell you very much about this book at all I'm afraid as I have not yet had a copy to read. It is not available in any shop but can be purchased onlins from or at I would suggest taking a look at the website to read all about it.
Do you know of a book that may be useful to others? Then please let me know about it. You can e-mail me by using this link
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