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This book gives advice on talking to your doctor; discussion of a comprehensive range of symptoms; practical measures for holding onto your job, your friends and your partner. Sympathetic support in dealing with the feelings of rage, helplessness and guilt created by M.E. essential information on the legal and welfare situations (this is now out of date as the book was written in 1992 look for a recent re-issue); In depth analysis of complimentary therapies ; the role of support groups etc: the book can be empathised with, as it describes many of the M.E. patients feelings exactly, good for some one who is just finding out about the illness and can be dipped into.

With thanks to Niccola Simpson for the information.
Sorry I have not read this book so cannot comment on it. If you have read it please send me details through the method suggest at the top of this page. Please do not send me a review taken from the Amazon web site or any other site like it, that is naughty and for obvious reasons cannot be used.
This book boasts on it's front cover, that it is "A self-help plan for managing Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Known in America as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and improving the quality of your life." The author informs you with a chapter about himself and M.E. Then about the disease and it's symptoms, which is all good stuff. But then he goes into the treatment of M.E. and I'm afraid it's at this point my enjoyment of the book waned, as it ventured into (in my opinion) quack remedies and treatments for M.E. maybe it's just my cynical side creeping in here but I don't feel that the recommendations here will help.
Don't let this stop you from reading this book though, as your opinion will, in all fairness, probably be different to mine.
An easy book to read in small chunks. Anaesthetics to avoid; Chemical Sensitivities; Nutrition and good advice about managing the illness; as well as a useful list of sources of help, are all covered. You may have a problem finding this book as unfortunately it seems to be out of print.

With thanks to Anne Barker for the information.

Who adds as a footnote: "My recovery over 6 years has been excellent due in part to the advice of this book"
I had CFS/ME for 8 years, 6 of those years I was virtually housebound unable to walk for more than a few yards. My husband bacame a carer. To cut a very long story short I now lead a normal life. Because my story is exceedingly complicated I have written a book about how I got to the bottom of all my problems in the hopes of helping others.

With thanks to Heather Stott the books author for the information.
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