Please feel free to sign this guest book, all comments are welcome. Maybe you would like to leave a message or just say hello. Feedback from other`s with M.E. are more than welcome.
Please do not make abusive posts (it unfortunately happens from time to time) as any such post will be removed very quickly.
To the very small minority who insist on sending abusive email. Don't bother as you are wasting your time and mine. You will not get a reply. Besides anything that you say is not new, it's all been heard before.
Please don't write to me with a list of symptoms and ask me if I think you may have M.E. I am not a Dr and I cannot and will not answer any such question. It is not my place to say if you have M.E. or not. It goes without saying that if you have any doubts about your health at all then please consult your Dr, that is what he/she is there for. I am sorry that I have to state this but you would be surprised how many emails I have received asking this very question and it's not something I feel comfortable with.
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